Production Method・Material Face: POWER TITANIUM
Body: Super Precision Casting
Crown: Titanium with POWER WAVE
Finish Mirror
Loft(°) ‘9-11
Lie(°) 59(※1)
F.A 0(※1)
Weight (g) 197(※2)
Volume(cc)・Shape 460 ・ Semi Shallow

※1 8 adjustable angle dials
※2 Variable weight screw produces different head weights (from 194 to 200g)

Shaft DEAD OR ALIVE 飛燕 H55 (S)
Shaft Weight(g) 58
Club Length(inch) 45.25
Swing Weight D0
Club Weight(g) 305

Assembled in Japan
Head Cover : Made in China
*Optional shafts are available upon request.

製品特徴 Features